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An Overview of MSF Companies

MSF Companies and MSF Investment Advisory, LLC are integrated financial consulting, insurance, and asset management firms that comprise two related businesses under common ownership.  Investment Advisory Services offered through MSF Investment Advisory, LLC, A registered investment advisory firm.

MSF Companies is a financial consulting firm that provides the following services:

  • Asset management

  • Financial planning

  • Insurance

  • Asset protection

  • Tax reduction solutions

  • Corporate structure

  • Benefits plan design

  • Education planning

  • Retirement plans

  • Estate planning

  • Business succession planning

What sets MSF Companies apart

We believe the best care demands expertise from different disciplines. We combine multiple specialists in the areas of tax reduction, asset protection, investment, retirement, benefit plans, insurances, corporate structure and estate planning into SIMPLE packages, so you are in a better position to navigate your risks to wealth creation and preservation. 


We'll arrange your board of advisors, monitor performance, and make your plans surprisingly cost-effective.​

In addition:

  • We have no limited office hours; we're there when you need us

  • We do not work for a bank, mutual fund or insurance company

  • We provide unbiased recommendations, solutions, and products

Meet our team

Download our Company Overview

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