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MSF Companies and MSF Investment Advisory, LLC are integrated financial consulting, insurance, and asset management firms that comprise two related businesses under common ownership.  Investment Advisory Services offered through MSF Investment Advisory, LLC, A registered investment advisory firm.

Creating an investment strategy to meet your goals and objectives.

All of our clients are treated with a fiduciary standard of care. This means that we'll put your best interests first, at all times. It's  our promise to you.  


We'll outline your current situation (income, tax, wealth, and risk tolerance levels) and then construct a plan to aid in the selection of a portfolio that matches. 

Using the latest technology to keep your costs low, we'll recommend an action plan of investment strategies and/or portfolio investments, designed to accomplish your goals and objectives.
Contact us to get started on your path to financial security.
Investment Advisory services we provide:


  • Setting portfolio return expectations

  • Current portfolio assessment

  • Helping employers and employees prepare for retirement

    • Investment Policy Statement (IPS) development

    • Investment manager research

    • Plan vendor evaluation

    • Plan design consulting: Increase wealth, lower taxes, lower expenses


  • Portfolio monitoring alerts

  • Rebalancing

  • Trade execution

  • Quarterly performance reporting

  • Tax loss harvesting

  • Financial account


  • Cash management services

  • Customized reports, available 24/7​

  • Employee communication and education


  • Newsletters


Types of account we manage:
Investment Accounts

·       Individual

·       Joint

·       Corporate

·       Trust


·       Traditional

·       Roth

·       Inherited IRA’s

QRP – Qualified Retirement Plans

·       401k

·       Profit Share

·       Defined Benefit Plans

·       SEP (Simplified Employee Pension)

Market Volatility:
The 3 Ways to Address Investment Risk

MSF Companies developed this exclusive guide in response to news coverage and uncertainty about market volatility.

There are only 3 ways to address investment risk. You can Avoid it, Manage it, or Transfer it.

Click on the guide to read more.

MSF Market Volatility Guide Cover Image
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