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Keeping what’s important to you protected.

We'll recommend a plan that satisfies your personal, business, and estate planning needs that includes:

  • An insurance portfolio risk-assessment with a focus on outdated, inefficient, or gaps in policies

  • Annual policy review performance to identify under-performing products and offer solutions

  • Access to advanced underwriting specialists to help get the coverage you need if you've been denied or rated by insurance carriers due to health issues

Contact us today to protect your future.

Our insurance strategies include:

  • Income replacement strategies utilizing life, disability, and long-term care solutions

  • Finding the most efficient and effective ways to share your wealth with the people most important to you

    • Transforming lost tax dollars into charitable gifts

    • Multiplying the impact of your generosity

    • Preserving your family legacy, vision, and values

  • Premium Financing

  • Key employee(s) protection 

  • Non-Qualified benefit plans

  • Private Placement Life

  • Life Settlements

Want a quick Term Life Insurance quote?


MSF has partnered with Lion Street and PolicyGenius to provide access to this fully automated portal, where you can self-select and apply for term life insurance hassle-free. With life insurance policy options from various major life insurers, PolicyGenius will handle your application process from beginning to end.


  • Takes 2 minutes 

  • Compares quality carriers without bias 

  • You select appropriate coverage 

  • No requirement to speak with an agent 

  • No cross selling nor upselling

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